At Sams Canvas Inc. we manufacture  and design a clear plastic, custom boat enclosure using strata glass, and canvas. We specialize in water taxis, big yachts and shutters. We use quality materials that will last during commercial use. All our products are also manufactured to last. Strata glass features VueShield a highly engineered scratch resistant coating technology. This coating makes the product resistant to minor scratches and swirl marks.  Marks that are all to common on clear vinyl products in the harsh marine environment.

VueShield offers additional UV resistance to protect your boat, your passengers and your furnishings from the sun’s harmful rays. In addition VueShield will also seal and protect the Strata glass. So as to  maintain its optimum durability, flexibility and product life. Strata glass is engineered with an anti-glare additive that enhances clarity, reduces sun glare, and improves low light visibility. Strata glass will have a useful marine life of two and five years when properly cleaned and maintained. When cleaning the strata glass boat enclosure, for the best results use the right cleaner at all times. We use Strata glass cleaner and Strata glass polish to clean our strata glass.

Strata glass features a highly engineered superior scratch resistant surface.  VueShield, our proprietary surface treatment prevents fine line scratches common to other inferior products. Our proprietary surface treatment seals and protects the composite. which also maintains its optimum durability, flexibility and extends the life of the Strata glass panels. Strata glass is the world’s premier choice for Marine enclosure composite. It delivers optimal visual clarity at the helm. It is engineered with a distinctive anti-glare additive. Which also enhances clarity, reduce sun glare and improves low light visibility.

Inferior clear vinyl products are susceptible to streaking. Which comes from the brass grommets on your Bimini top, or from run off points on your boat top. These contaminants can become etched in. And  creating permanent imperfections in your boat enclosure panel. Our highly engineered VueShield surface treatment  resists these elements from etching the surface of your Strata glass.

Let Us Design Your Boat Enclosure

A Full Enclosure is where curtains are zipped into place. This creates a complete enclosed space inside the boat. In addition a full enclosure offers protection for your boat during long term mooring. Full enclosures also offer protection when your boat is under power or at the dock.

A Camper Enclosure lets you extend the protected cockpit space on your boat. Providing you protection from the sun and the whether by adding a camper back to an existing Bimini, or sun top. Camper back curtains zip into place and provide space for camping, mooring and hanging out with friends and family. Sams Canvas Inc will custom make your camper back to fit any size Bimini or sun top.

Curtain Enclosure attach to the front of your boat top with zippers and fasteners. Isinglass side curtains provide the same protection and sight lines. The curtains connect at the sides of your boat and then  zipped to the boat top. The rear curtains extend down to the rear transom.

Combo window with screes are great when your spending the night out on the water. They keep the bugs out, while allowing the night breeze to come in. These are zip open screen windows.

Walk-Through Zipper with extra door lets you adds a pass through to the front center section, or roll up the middle canvas to allow access to the bow of the boat.

Storage Boot is a high end marine grade fabric. Its used to protect your boats top and frame while its in storage.

At Sams Canvas Inc. we can design and manufacture any style Boat enclosure or frame to meet any and all your boat enclosure needs.

Job Description
We custom make and recover seats, clear plastic, enclosures, we use strata glass and canvas for water taxis and big yacht and shutters using best quality materials to last commercial use. We build our work to last.
Date / Year:January - September 2013