Custom Boat Covers

Marine & Custom Upholstery Projects

You need your boat dry and clean to be ready any time to ride.  Just call us to do your customized boat cover to keep it clean and dry.  SamsCanvas Inc. will also cut your maintenance costs. We use a high quality clear plastic, which also stays  clearer for a longer period time. We have, and we use, all types of fasteners. Fasteners such as tracks, velcro, snaps, straps, and  elastic cords. Boat covers Protect your boat while its on a trailer or in storage. Our boat covers are from manufacture’s such as  Covermate, Taylor Made, and Hurricane. In addition to the standard boat covers we carry, our custom designed boat covers will be of the highest quality material.

Protect your boat

Custom-Fit Boat Covers

Custom-Fit boat covers are made for a specific boat make, and a specific year-model boat. Providing for the absolute best fit. A custom-fit boat cover is excellent for travel, mooring and storage.

Boat Covers come in all shapes and sizes, mooring (full) covers- dash covers- windshield covers- cockpit covers-bow covers- Aft deck covers and engine Covers, that will save your boat seats and cushions from the elements so it can last a lot longer, and that will save you a lot of money on the long run.
Sams Canvas Custom Fit Boat Covers Canoe
Custom Boat Covers
Sams Canvas Custom Boat Covers

Custom Boat Cover Types

Boat Dash Covers

Mooring (Full) Covers

Boat Windshield Covers

Boat Cockpit Covers

Aft Deck Covers

Boat Engine Covers

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